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Design Questions

Search results template design

article Can I control the layout of the search results page?
Yes. Spiderline provides you with a general HTML template divided by Header, Results Line (repeated for each search result), and Footer. These templates offer you control of the complete HTML page....

  2005-01-20    Views: 35457   
article How do I make the search Keyword highlighted in my results?
In your control panel, under Design and settings. There are two lines that you can make additions to for Highlingt start and Highlight end. In these you can add any HTML tags to make changes to...

  2006-04-13    Views: 31129   
article Is the Spiderline logo required on my search results page?
No. None of our service plans require logos or advertisements of any kind. You have complete control of your results page design. Register and have a look. Everything works in the demo except that...

  2005-01-20    Views: 15872   
article Does Spiderline offer professional services for integrating the search engine into my web site?
Spiderline offers professional services for integrating our search engine into your web site. For pricing and availability, please contact us.

  2005-01-20    Views: 13585   
article What is the difference between my Working Copy and Live Design?
The Working Copy is an area for development. By making changes to your Working Copy, you can make changes to your design without affecting your web site search results pages. Once the Working...

(No rating)  2005-01-20    Views: 6703   
article What are the "Publish" and "Roll Back" options?
Publish is used to copy the Working Copy design to the Live Copy design. If you do not publish the Working Copy, your site search results will not reflect any design changes. Roll Back is used...

(No rating)  2005-01-20    Views: 6171   

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