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Account Questions

Relating to your Spiderline account.

article How can I tell how many pages are on my site?
You or your webmaster is the best judge of the size of your site. (Spiderline cannot know how many pages are on your site without physically crawling it.) You can purchase a lower plan than needed...

  2005-04-20    Views: 18233   
article Why didn't Spiderline find all of my pages?
There are several reasons that all of your web site pages may not have been crawled. Account Document Limit: The default Document Limit is 100 pages. In order for Spiderline to crawl over this...

  2005-04-20    Views: 11424   
article What are the terms of service for Spiderline?
We use an Acceptable use Policy. Spiderline Acceptable Use Policy. These Acceptable Use Guidelines ("Usage Guidelines") describe the proper kinds of conduct and prohibited uses of Spiderline...

(No rating)  2005-04-20    Views: 11390   
article Does Spiderline allow manual and scheduled indexing?
Yes. Spiderline provides all accounts (under any service plan) with the ability to request a recrawl/update of your website at any time. Our automated crawl scheduling feature will let you choose...

(No rating)  2005-04-20    Views: 10706   
article What happens when my site exceeds the page limit?
Spiderline will discontinue the crawling process when it reaches your document limit. The default is to crawl up to 100 documents. In order for Spiderline to crawl over this limit you must activate...

(No rating)  2005-01-19    Views: 6746   
article How secure is my membership information with Spiderline?
Privacy Policy Spiderline collects general information from each session, such as the domain you used to access our site (for example, aol.com, or a numerical IP address), the date and time you...

  2005-04-20    Views: 6469   

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