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Your Own Search Engine.
Your web site can have its own search engine in just seconds - with the features you want and reliability you need. No software to install or maintenance required. Search results can match your website design seamlessly.

About the Company

Spiderline Site Search, the flagship product of Spiderline LLC, was designed and developed in 1999. It was a Thursday afternoon idea that was built because it was needed. Since then, other services have been built to compete - including Google's Site Search offering - but Spiderline continues to thrive because our customers know that we are still the better solution for domain-specific site search functionality.

Spiderline LLC has a rich history of Internet development for small businesses -- particularly those with a strong need for reliable, scalable solutions. Spiderline has established a network of highly skilled consultants and outsource shops to cover a wide range of development. Our focus continues to be on unix systems (Sun/Solaris and Linux) and technologies proven to be extremely stable. We work with aggressive schedules and serious estimates on a regular basis.

Spiderline builds custom Internet solutions. We help you gain a competitive advantage by assessing your organization's mission, goals and target audience to create an effective online presence. Using smart design and rich functionality, our team creates dynamic, data-driven web sites that clearly communicate your message and enhance your company's image.

To discuss new projects, please contact us.

Our development services:

  • Development of Custom Applications & Internet Services
  • Full Service UNIX Web Hosting
  • Ecommerce Applications
  • Information Architecture
  • Database Design & Integration

Our tools of choice:

  • Java, J2EE, Tomcat, Jetty
  • Sun/Solaris, Linux
  • MySQL, DB2, Oracle
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • PHP, Perl, UNIX Shells

Spiderline Logos

You can choose from any of the following Spiderline logos to display on your website. If you would like to see a different variation of our logo, please ask our support group!

Spiderline 216x48_white   392x72_white   122x30_white   122x30_black  
Spiderline 120x240   125x125   160x600   234x60   392x72   468x60  
Spiderline 120x240   125x125   160x600   234x60   392x72   468x60  
Spiderline 120x90   125x125   160x600   240x240   392x72   468x60  

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