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Your Own Search Engine.
Your web site can have its own search engine in just seconds - with the features you want and reliability you need. No software to install or maintenance required. Search results can match your website design seamlessly.

Spiderline Affiliate Program

Join the Spiderline Affiliate Program and earn BIG rewards.

Every website needs the power of search. Spiderline® provides one of the fastest search engines on the Internet (average search is less than 0.014 seconds) and is completely customizable -- allowing customers to integrate search functionality into their website design without advertisements or even Spiderline branding. Implementing Spiderline is as easy as pasting a block of HTML wherever a search form is desired.

Benefits For You

  • A search engine is an essential ingredient to every website. Providing Spiderline services at a reduced cost to your customers adds siginificant value to your offering.

  • We believe so strongly in Spiderline's alliance with web hosting companies, we are willing to offer a generous commission rate of 20% for every referral. See our commission structure and payment plan below for details.

  • No setup costs or overhead - providing Spiderline to your customers is of benefit to all parties instantly.

And Your Customers

  • Every website needs search functionality. After web content, a good search engine is the next most important asset of a website.

  • Spiderline offers one of the best site-specific search engine money can buy.

  • We'll give your customers a discount for registering a Spiderline account through your referral.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all orders. A full refund is given if customer is not happy - no hastle.

How Does it Work?

First you fill out a simple registration about your site, approval is fast. Once accepted, you will place a banner ad or text link on your website. When a customer clicks on the Spiderline banner ad or text link and completes an order for Spiderline, you will receive a commission for that sale.

Spiderline does not expire cookies (or referral tracking data) until 90 days have past. So long as a customer registers with Spiderline within 90 days of clicking on your banner or text link, any purchases made by the customer for the lifetime of the customer's account will be credited to you.

For added functionality and peace of mind, Spiderline uses third party tracking services and real-time online affiliate management - if you should ever need any help.

Commission Structure & Payment

Spiderline offers generous commissions to its affiliates. We also offer two-tier commission structure for added commissions on all referred affiliates.

  • Earn 10% commission on all sales up to $ 250.00 per month
  • Earn 15% commission on all sales over $ 250.00 per month
  • Earn 20% commission on all sales over $ 500.00 per month

Affiliate commissions are paid by check the third week of every month. Commission payments are in USD. Checks addressed outside the US and Canada are not sent until the commission amount is at least $100 USD.

Ready to Begin?     Send email to support@spiderline.com

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